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Voll normaaal

Tommie is the absolute loser in his home district of Cologne-Kalk: no money, no apartment of his own, no girlfriend. In the exhaust workshop where he toils, the foreman is constantly angry with him. But Tommie is in a great mood: The video freak dreams enthusiastically through the fantasy world of film art, preferably with the bust sex star Gianna S. in the leading role. Tommie collects exhaust pipes. When he steals a particularly capital specimen from Jupp's swank Mercedes, he gets into real trouble. He has no choice but to return the exhaust to Jupp, but his deadly ultimatum of procuring a case of the rare beer brand "Ramsdorfer K├Âlsch" by seven o'clock in the evening proves to be insanely difficult. Because at the very same time, "Gianna S." is expected in town...

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Release: 1994

Language: German

Duration: 1 hr 34 min

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Genres: Comedy,